Friday, October 06, 2006


My brain has been ripped open today by working on a glitch I discovered in the migration of the info from the online auction to the auction management software . . . However, the buzz and energy of the event is winning, and everyone was in relief mode at the end of the day. Got the Executive Director to hang the bid sheet and sharpen the pencils! A fun victory for the underlings! Everyone was on duty, and the place is ready for a hearty party. We expect 400 people~! Our financial goal is $100,000 - 10% of the annual budget. Jeeezzz. I am confident we will be darn close.

Sleeping late tomorrow. Party for me begins at 4pm to help with last minute details - guests arrive at 8pm. It's the place to be tomorrow night. "The Most Outstanding Party of the Social Season in Wilmington", as they say!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Today was the successful migration of the information from the online auction. I'm thinking that I am on my way to becoming an Auction software guru, and I could create some consulting gigs managing non-profit auction fundraisers . . . I'm a visual/kinesthetic learner, but I love reading the manuals - weird. It's just such a rush when it works! Anyway, tomorrow is Friday, the bid sheets will be made, the signage completed, the luxury auction spiffed up, and the auction opens at 5pm = Art Loop Night. Saturday will be last minute details for me, like keeping the pencils in the auction sharpened. Love it that I went to college for that. I also have a Ph.D. in Color Copying.

Sunday is going to be a crashing let down day. Monday, I go clean out my desk : = (

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Two days to go until the big event. Today was spent putting print materials together in addition to an office supply run for the auction and the preparation for the trip to the quick printers first thing tomorrow morning. Going for stuff on behalf of others, in this case the queen of the event = Gophering. The night of the event will be such a rush though, seeing the guests (350 or so) and the bids increasing in the auction and lots of congratualtions for everyone. Then we get to stay and clean up too. Gotta love non-profit life.

It will be sad to go in on Monday and clean out my desk. . .

Board vs Staff

Received news today from a friend who experienced the power Trustees wield in an organization. One small error, in the wrong place at the wrong time launched a larger than expected reaction . . . and it looks like she's on her way . . . It's a reality in the non-profit world that boards are granted enormous respect and exceptions to rules in exchange for excellent stewardship. Sometimes it doesn't seem fair and staff being told "we request that you find a new job" happens. It cuts deep. Reality hurts. You accept it or you don't. Can you fight it? Wrongful termination? You certainly could. HR strategy: Resignation over Termination. Pay the unemployment if necessary. Would I fight it? No. It's a universe that is reserved for the wealthy, connected and powerful who serve the organization at the top. What would you gain from the fight? "I have my pride." This concept line from the film The Women comes to mind. Personally, I would disappear the next day and consider it a lesson. But I'm not her. I haven't been slashed with the emotional knife that says Worthless To Us.

My heart is aching for my friend. But as an "emerging leader" in arts management, I know there are two sides here, and the well-being of the organization usually wins. The view from the studio today was a sad one.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Auction Art

I have two pieces in the art auction part of this big event. They weren't vetted as art, but as items in the luxury gift section, thanks to the founders' syndrome of the art acquisition folks. Being all about art education and access to art experiences for as many people as possible, I still get floored when art snobs make judgements, even though I totally understand their perspective. It is a constant discussion. My personal issue.

I also had a piece in another auction 2 weeks ago, and it received one bid. It was purchased by the same person who bought my piece last year! Does this mean I have a patron? :-)

The Week Ahead

Heading into the week - the last week - at my current job. I am part of the team producing the GIANT annual Art Auction, Party, Fundraiser Thing. Many details to take care of, many egos to take care of, myself to take care of . . . in the end it must make a truckload of money for the org. Critical, actually. 10% of the annual budget! Let's hope the museum gods are hovering that night. Countdown: 6 days to go.

Tuesday, I get the schedule for my new job! Teaching Artist. It's only taken me 28 years to get to the point of being hired as an artist. Truly a crossroads. Will be working with preschool teachers to help them integrate Visual Art into their curriculum. Mostly their language arts curriculum. Thank you for the grant to the org that made my new job possible.