Friday, September 03, 2010

Divine Redesign

The leaves are changing rapidly now, and some have already fallen. I will miss Summer even though it was hellishly hot and humid. My garden was a challenge this year, trying to keep it moist and fed in the heat. Vegetable production was modest, however, the cucumbers were indeed prolific. Not enough recipes in the world to use so many! Never did have any cool nights to use the fire pot. We did create a fire pit out in the yard - waiting anxiously for a cool night to break it in. Fall is coming, finally.

Being very careful to reject the the primal hibernation preparedness syndrome I always get this time of year. It often brings a deep sadness, a quest for food, weight gain, lethargy and isolation. As much as I honor these primal instincts, it is bad for me. Decided to reorganize my bedroom to assuage the nesting instinct. This is good. Divine redesign.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

It Did Not Go So Well

I got stalled on the cleaning thing. I hate when that happens. I really want to switch to the fall/winter clothes and I am stalled because today is around 95 degrees outside. Will overload with caffeine and start up again tonight. I have been watching the HOARDER shows on TLC and DHC and that scares me into getting organized. Junk mail that I have been saving to cut up for artwork -- must die. Thank God I only own 5 pairs of shoes. . .
I have attempted to go minimalist over the past few years, and it worked for the most part. However, since then I have started to accumulate stuff to make art (found objects and images) and have no place to store them. I need a studio!