Thursday, April 02, 2009

Landed Again

Have been back in Delaware for 10 days, and it seems like only a few. I have landed at my friend Valerie's home - she is an angel on earth. I've discovered several since I've been here. . .

Between applying for jobs, I have been reconnecting with my kids. This is the biggest joy I've felt in a long time, and my heart feels like it can love again. It's been a long and winding road over the past two years, and I have to believe my time to settle in and have a life has come. I have simplified my belongings once again and ready for all the good things to flow. I will know in a few days about a promising job. Not a lot of money, and not very challenging, but a steady paycheck and incentive for benefits if all goes well. I think the hospitality industry might be a great career move for me. We'll see.

I stopped to get coffee and a bagel yesterday morning and the person in front of me paid for my breakfast! The person in front of him paid for his. He was paying it forward. . . I looked behind me and this woman had a mountain of grocery type stuff. I felt sad for a moment that I couldn't pay for hers. However, I stopped to thank the universe for this unexpected gift! I felt worthy of something wonderful.