Friday, July 09, 2010

Here's the Buzz

Buzz, the dog, is joining our family soon! Our application was approved today. He is a rescue dog, currently at Jerry's Rescues in Tennessee. He is about 8 years old, and part Giant Schnauzer and part German Shepherd. Imagine that. He reminds me so much of Nemo - especially the eyebrows and the white around his face and the white on his chest. Bed, brush, bowls, treats, toys here we come. I have been looking to rescue a little dog for a while now, but either couldn't find one that was available - they get adopted rather quickly - or I couldn't afford the hundreds of dollars adoption fee. Buzz is at a shelter that has to close their doors. I don't even remember how I found him among the zillions of dogs on, but there he was. Tugged at my heartstrings. So, they've sped up the process a bit to get all their dogs into foster or new homes, and reduced the fees, including the cost of transporting him. Buzz will be arriving in Allentown, PA (about an hour and a half from us)  the last weekend in July! They use the same dog transport service that they use on the Animal Planet Show "Last Chance Highway." I am so excited to think that I will be with a group of people who are awaiting delivery of their new buddies. So, now, the wait begins. 

In the meantime, I will be going up to RI with Ariel the week after next to help her move into her new apartment and do all the mom things to help her settle in and feel empowered, safe and ready for this next chapter of her life. My daughter the Executive Director. So cool. Makes me think I did some things right as a parent. Whew. We are all having new chapters - Dane is still planning to go to school this fall, although the process of making it all come together is an arduous one. Applications, courses, loans, etc. Yikes. May the education gods be with us. It may be delayed until the spring term, but it will happen. Stay tuned.

The Garden

The garden is wilting daily in the heat. 100 degrees is feeling a little like insanity. Trying to keep things watered, but the tomatoes seem to be on hold, and not ripening. The cucumbers are growing like mad! Cucumber salad for the weekend!! Picked the first yellow squash today and sauteed it with onions and garlic for dinner. Fabulous.The basil, parsley and oregano are thriving. So is the mint. Hooray for gardens!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Me and Fine Art America

Okay, so today I splurged with a bit of my tax return money that I finally got back after some minor brawling with IRS about owing them from last year. (I tried to pay it several times and it just didn't make it through the system.) Anyway, so here I am posting my artwork on a site that prints, frames, ships, processes payments, etc. Let's give it a go. Have everything to gain and just a few tuppence to lose. But they promised me I would sell stuff. Really! Okay! Ready, set, go.