Monday, October 09, 2006

Moving On . . .

This was my last day at DCCA . . . They had a breakfast farewell gathering for me with cards, kind and generous words from Maxine and applause too. I was teary. It will be hard to imagine not being there everyday with my mates. I hope with all my passion that I left the DCCA a better place . . . there was so much to be done, and so many dedicated people trying to the work of a staff double the size. It was interesting at first, back in July 2005, when I arrived there with my DAM experience - which looked to some as "a new level of professionalism" and to others as "art snob." Assimilated into the collective rather quickly and found the passion for the place contagious. I thought it would be a quick stop between other jobs, doing develpoment research for a few months. Change works mysteriously though, doesn't it? Interim Development Director was a fabulous challenge, but I know it is not where my heart is. And I knew I was not what the board needed. Pat Leach, the new Development Director, will be fine. She's on track under Maxine's visionary guidance. I am sorry to leave the tutelage of Maxine. However, I think we may work together again in the future.

For now, there is a partnership brewing with DCCA and CCAC and the Alison Saar exhibition coming in the spring. There is potential for me there, teaching or facilitating or something . . . We shall see . . . Tomorrow, I rearrange my home office to being work on pre-school lesson plans!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Got home from the event at 1:30, but had to wind down! Went to bed at 4:30am and slept until 6:00 pm! Had that feeling of excellent exhaustion.

Started out on Saturday at 10am doing more goperhering, then heading into the office to do the final work on the auction database including entering last minute ticket buyers then making signs, placing bid sheets in the Lux Auction, setting up the tickets check in area, etc. Crazy fun, but tension was high and egos were on the edge. People started arriving at 8pm and kept flowing all night.

It was a smashing success with about 400 people attending; half the art and luxury items were bid on (low percentage for this kind of auction) and sold, the alcohol was flowing, the energy was excellent, the band played Born To Be Wild, the outfits were fantastic - black T-shirs, jeans, leather - Wow. It was a killer helping pull it all together, but totally worth it. Lots of new patrons, a younger crowd attending, everyone happy. The number last night: $80,000 without ticket sales - I'll find out on Monday when I go in to clean my desk out. It looks like we may have actually reached our $100,000 goal!