Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I am on a rocket ship to mind/body/spirit rebuilding today!! I interviewed for a Painting Department Assistant position (also known as Command Central!) at Rhode Island School of Design this morning. Even if I am not offered the job it was a life dream come true for me. Since 4th grade, when I used to ride my bike to RISD Museum on Saturdays, say hello to the guards and just walk around and around in the galleries, I've wanted to work there. Outside Delaware my resume doesn't carry the "baggage" that nasty Delaware people attributed to me. Here, my resume glows. Wow. I am valuable. What I have done in the past is valuable. They were actually worried that I was over qualified and that I would not be challenged enough. Wow. No problem there. 150 undergrads bouncing through the office would be a fabulous challenge among all the other things that need getting done everyday. I felt like I really clicked with those who interviewed me, though they did much of the talking. They did ask me about my teaching experience, my diversity task force experience and my office skills and event management skills. Wow. I got a tour of some of the undergraduate studios, then the department's gallery spaces and offices. There is a window in my potential office! Hooray! I am so grateful. Now it's time for waiting and trusting the universe to do what is right for me and where I am in my rebuilding process. Wow.