Saturday, November 25, 2006

Yes, I'm Not Bilingual

Can I tell you how many interesting jobs have being bilingual as a requirement? All of a sudden I have a huge skill deficit with no hope of fixing it. . . This appears to me as a form of discrimination. I understand that it is a vital need in today's world to communicate with as many segments of the population as possible, but it seems to me that it limits the candidate pool and excludes people who are totally qualified for the position. Although it's rarely stated in job postings, I'm assuming they mean Spanish bilingual. I had 5 years of french . . . Life is just toooooooooo complicated.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Day

It is 2pm and the turkey should be done at 3. Everything else is done, table is set, cocktails are in progress. . . if I could just reduce Bob's childhood expectations, it will be a great day here in family purgatory. Yikes. His parents are due any moment, and I'm going to get chastised for being on the computer when they arrive. Same thing every year. Sabbatical. I'm thinking sabbatical. . .

Sent my resume and cover letter via email for the Director of Education position at the Peabody Essex Museum last night. I'm thinking a birthday day submission is a good thing. The museum world is a small one. The person who left Peabody Essex took the position at San Diego Museum of Art that Maxine Gaiber vacated to come to DCCA! Having just finished working with her yet maintaining that relationship completes the circle. This job is mine, right? Right. Happy Turkey Day!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What To Do . . .

What to do
What to do
I've got a nickel in my shoe.

Superstitions. Something about putting money in your shoe to experience the pain and hard work of making money, will bring you more. . . I have no idea why this little poem appeared. Yes I do. It is because I got as far as the hiring office today and discovered I couldn't even land a holiday job there because I can't walk and stand for 12 hours and lift 50 pounds. I was able to walk out. I turn 49 tomorrow and it's hittin' me on the head . . . just put me in a box right now.