Thursday, November 09, 2006

What . . . Me?

Spent today at DCCA (two-day gig) on a B2BW follow-up project. Will finish tomorrow afternoon. Cell phone rang . . . a recruiter from Birmingham, Alabama . . . found my resume on the net . . . Development Director position open at Birmingham Museum of Art . . . got up off the floor . . . yes, I'm interested . . . top tier recruiter calls me back an hour later . . . tells me there may be a Curator of Education position open as well . . . which one would I be more interested in . . . got up off the floor again . . . tells me to call him back tomorrow and he'll have an answer for me to confirm the availability of the education position. Quite possibly having hallucinations. Whoa. Do you really mean me??? Did the research tonight. Yes, it is the largest regional art museum in the southeast with amazing education programs in place (staff of 16 educators!) and what seems to be well-established and well-managed endowments. Director of Development has moved up to Deputy Director - smooooth transition possible. . . Lower cost of living than Delaware, bars that are open until 6am, lots of festivals and galleries, 4 universities in the area and . . . jeez, it's a real city with 2 bedroom apartments under $1,000! Later: Julie Van Blarcom comes in to pick up an art auction purchase. Chatted. Told her how much I loved working with Maxine and would love to come on board as her assistant. Julie asked me if Maxine is the only director I'd want to assist . . . Ummmm, well, no! Said to send her my resume and she'd send it around. . . Later: Kim Graham from CCAC calls to answer all my questions about the current PNC project we're doing together. Confirmed as a contractor, paid every two weeks, etc.

Did the planets realign? Is it the Democratic shift? Have I finished walking through the fire? Life is terribly mysterious.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Head First

Plunging head first into a Head Start classroom tomorrow morning for an observation . . . can't wait to see those fours steeped in learning. I suspect it will be inspirational and give me a reality check on future lesson plans as well. Although I still feel fragmented about this project the unknown is something I am learning to live with. As VT tells me, move through it. As MG told me, ask for a contract. As I've told myself, I need the paycheck. So, there you have it.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Janis Called

Janis Tomlinson from U of DE Museums just called for the reference for Judith Cizek, a candidate for the Curator/Exhibitions position. I hope with all my might that Judith lands this position. She is one of my colleagues from the 2004 DAM mess, and we've all had difficutly integrating back into the field since then. Landing this position feels like success for all of us.