Saturday, September 30, 2006

At a Crossroads

My arts career is changing . . . I'm at a crossroads, between jobs. It's been a challenging time, since 2004, when I lost my dream job. After hibernating for 3 months, I got up and running again, and landed a job thanks to that "it is who you know" theory of landing jobs. That job is now ending. It was an interim position, which I opted out of. More on that another time. . . Gone are the days of full-time with benefits jobs in the arts. If it's not an internship, it is a temporary grant funded position, project based. Many jobs in the arts are in transition towards internships. This saves money for the organization - no benefits, no sick days, no paid vacations - the work becomes a project which gets completed. Everybody moves on. Money saved. Funding issues. Yes, that will be a focal point from time to time in this blog. Funding changes the culture of the arts in a state.

That banner, above the Lion in the opening of MGM movies? It says Ars Gratia Artis. Art For Arts Sake.

You do know that Art For Arts Sake is dead, right?