Monday, January 07, 2008

Men, Women and The Mirror

I have a theory about men, women and mirrors. I have this theory because I have recently spent time looking at myself in the mirror, asking myself what I really want at this new stage of my life. At first it was creepy to stare into my own eyes in the mirror and it took practice to stop looking away. I felt like I was looking at someone I didn't know. Surprise, surprise. My theory is about a delve into the inside, through your own eyes, and how men and women, approach it differently. I realize that many cultures already have this down but this is my world and I'm still working on things.

Men at the mirror are generally there each day shaving off the beard growth. Taking something off their face. I believe that men don't delve in too far while doing a quick shave. They are cleaning up, casting things aside, washing things away. In theory, starting the day with a clean slate. Bring it on. Hear my roar. Ready for any occasion. At the end of the day a man's face has collected beard growth, food, job dirt. Next shave, get rid of it all. Clean and ready again.

Women are at the mirror adding make up to their face. Covering up, balancing the colors, settng the boundaries. I believe women delve in very far, making a visual version of their inner goings on as they approach the day. Different make up for different occasions, work and leisure. At the end of the day a woman's make up has deteriorated reflecting the activities of the day. Job dirt on top of the make up, eye liner smudged from crying (maybe), color gone. At the end of the day the beauty has been worn away. Then, washed clean and ready for more additions the next day. Added again. And again. And again.

So - the questions are: Do women or men spend more time looking in the mirror to learn who they really are inside? Who learns more? Does one take more time than another on the inner investigation or the outer presentation? Are men or women more comfortable staring into their own eyes in a mirror? And my best idea? Set up a public Shaving/Make Up lab and do a time test.

So, try this: Look in the mirror at yourself and ask some questions. Start easy, such as Hey, what is your favorite ice cream flavor? Answer yourself. Move on to medium, such as Do you think you really need to get Starbucks coffee everyday? Answer yourself. And finally, hard, such as What and where do you want to be a year from now? Five years from now? Answer those too. Understandably, you may have to get back to yourself on that one.

I think this activity is profoundly therapeutic for anyone - at least once a week. Did I mention that I am all about a well-groomed man in a clean, white t-shirt?