Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rats. Bats.

Inteviewed with Jenn at MERI this morning. Of course, I had this moment of "Cool, I am the only candidate and she's going to hire me immediately so I can get going! It's great that I had Bobby's personal introduction." Idiot. She is interviewing other candidates this week, but hopes to make her decision soon. Would I have earned extra credit if I were a lesbian? Well, I'm not one. Rats. The new sentence of the week seems to be ". . . make the decision soon . . . " and then I get tossed into the round file. That's how I'm feeling anyway. I am taking the day off from job hunting tomorrow.

I stopped and got a sandwich on the way home (with my last few dollars - note to self: print more) at Jim's Deli and there was a help wanted sign in the window. I asked for an application (I was certain they didn't want to see my resume!). I filled it out with a whole new twist. I did include my name, address and phone number, my college education info and my affirmative action/whatever signature. . . however, I did NOT include my job history. I wrote a note instead, similar to "I have over 25 years work experience including being a mom which included preparing and serving food. I am taking care of my sick mom and need a small income. Please interview me. I will do whatever job needs to be done." For references I used my sister, my nephew and my friend Valerie. So there.
So, as I take baseball bat to bean bag - let it be known that I'm having a job hunting anxiety episode and I need some divine intervention.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Interview!

Well, there you are. Landed an interview at Marriage Equality RI thanks to Bobby who knows Jenn who has this vacant position she needs to fill as soon as possible. Cool for me. Director of Development and Communications. Qualified? Yes. Available now? Yes. Description says salary and benefits. Very cool. Current income? $0. Small non-profit salary with benefits? At this moment, priceless.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Know it is Still Who You Know

In stepping up my job search, some frustrations must be dealt with. Many jobs are posted as "apply online" and this obviously removes the person to person connection which used to be so valuable and productive. This is frustrating. It has been years since I have actually had to apply for a job and the arena has changed drastically. This is frustrating, but I think I've figured out the new way of presenting myself for consideration. Advice and strategy from friends indicates that people are still hired because they were friends with someone who works there, or more directly, friends with someone who does the hiring. This is frustrating because my circle of people in RI is still very, very small.

In that light I have applied for a job as Director of Development and Communications at Marriage Equality RI through a tip from Bobby. It seems he is friends with Jenn, the Executive Director. I have sent my cover letter and resume, highlighting my development and communications accomplishments to Jenn. Hopefully I will land an interview in this upcoming week.

I have also applied for a beautiful position at Providence Children's Museum. I don't know the Director of Education, but I did call her to make a connection. Hopefully, this will help land an interview too.

Come on Job Gods - do your stuff on my behalf!