Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A New Something

Still thinking about Nemo. Thinking about him playing at the Rainbow Bridge. I received so many nice notes from people with their condolences. Thank you friends!

I interviewed today at a day care center for an assistant position in the infant room. This is different for me. Way different than the jobs in the arts I kept believing I deserved. Have been thinking alot about separating the I from the ego, and yes I am reading A New Earth. This can only be good for me. I have been angry, depressed, sad, crashing and feeling like I should just try to end the madness. Well, they say you have to get to the edge, or just over it, before you can make change. So, here I go. Not over the edge, but towards something different. I don't feel as much like I am running around in the dark hoping to make a right decision. Today. Trying to stay present.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Now Is The Time For All Good Things . . .

Sixty-four degrees here today. Last night I smelled a brief but powerful scent of Spring in the air. All indicators point to improvement and light. The overall message seems to be "Let Go."

The big questions to ask, according to "The New Earth" is : "What does life want from me? How do I fit into the whole? What is my purpose?" So - okay. Send me some answers that I will recognize as the right thing to do~~!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Get A Freakin Job

No moon, no stars, no rainbows, no yellow brick roads, no wishes, no fortunes, no lucky numbers, no messages from the planet, no hopes, no dreams, no triple red sevens, no desires, no discoveries, no powerball, no connections, no trip to Disney World and no flying pigs either. It is time to get a freakin job.