Thursday, January 11, 2007

Back to Preschool

Training day tomorrow for CCAC teachers. Only have 1.5 hours with them so it will have to be action packed. We will focus on implementing an "Art Work of the Month" in the classroom which will be the foundation for ongoing literacy activities. Kim also wants to talk to me about the newsletter idea. Anyway, I'm going to email the teachers right now, to see if anyone would like to bring in an artwork for sharing. Onward and upward!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sweet Home Alabama?

My visit to Birmingham was fast and full. I have never been treated so well by a prospective employer. All my expenses were covered including a rental car for a day (Saturday) so I could explore housing options. The BMA is stellar - a real treasure. The staff was passionate and remarkable. The education staff is a group of unsung heroes . . . I usually know right away if a job is a fit for me, and I usually feel very strongly one way or another. This time, I am unsure. It would be change - which I've been looking for. I could definitely live in the area near the university- 5 Points or Avondale. Very hip, chic and rather inexpensive. Downtown Birmingham is dismal. Lots of gray buildings. I think I found the loft district, but there is not much of anything happening downtown. I expect to learn about their decision within the next two weeks. I am, of course, at a disadvantage because I don't have a Masters degree. It was listed as a requirement, but since I've gotten this far in the intrview process perhaps it isn't a disadvantage at all. I know of one other candidate - someone on staff in the education department, whom I did not meet for obvious reasons. I'm leaving this one to destiny.

I visited the Civil Rights Institute which was an amazing experience. I couldn't stop crying. It was painful, but I felt hopeful when it was over. So powerful. Lots of technology tells the story, but so do the school desks, the church pews, the jail cell, the bus . . . there were very few visitors there on Saturday morning. As a matter of fact, I could have stood in the middle of the street outside for 10 minutes before any cars came by . . . It was the quietest city I have ever seen. Almost eerie.