Friday, May 08, 2009

Adult Orphans Club

My friend Liz shared this bit of reality with my, that she got from a rabbi. This is indeed what happens when both parents die. My mom is so sick right now she can hardly breathe as we talk on the phone. My sister and husband and 2 children from Virginia will be visiting her this weekend. Mom will be having a PET scan when the hospital can schedule her in. This will reveal scar tissue, fluid in her lungs or another cancer tumor. Time will tell.

Ariel and Dane are helping me move to my new space in Arden on Sunday - Mother's Day! I will take them for lunch after that - or drinks. Yay for kids!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Got my car fixed!

Finally, got it fixed. I couldn't drive another day with the sound of fury and horror coming from the muffler system. As it turned out, with the grace of the car gods, it only needed a flexible connector thing - not a whole muffler! I love this miracle car. And now I cruise through my new neighborhood quietly. Yay for Meineke Men!