Friday, February 23, 2007

Moving to RI

I am moving up to RI the weekend of March 10. I will be staying with Mom to oversee her cancer treatment, be the driver, the cook, the medicine woman, and what ever else needs to be done. My 2 sisters are not available to do this as they have full time jobs and families. My older sister lives near Mom, so she will be a very active participant in the process, talking to the doctors especially. I can only wonder that I am floating and available to do this for several reasons: I am the middle child and black sheep who never really got along with Mom. Now, life is giving me the gift of facing this head on, with the opportunity to become a better person. Other reasons? I miss New England and I will be grateful to see Spring in RI. It has a much more vibrant arts culture, and perhaps I will find a new life in the arts there. It will give me time to be with my older sister that I've been separated from for many, many years.

So I've started thinking about what to take with me. I could be there for many months, although her treatments are 6 weeks. I suspect she won't snap back immediately. I have decided to take a journal, a sketch pad and acrylics with me to provide an outlet, and help document the process for myself. Downside: my laptop died. Further downside: I am going to buy one to take with me which we can't afford. But I can't accept not staying connected to people and the world, so as much as it is a bad financial thing to to, I'm doing it anyway.

Maybe I'll have that billion dollar idea soon and I'll need that laptop!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Eight Principles of Fun

Check this out. It made me feel more like the creative fringe person that I am.

A cute kitten picture once in a while doesn't hurt either!