Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Here It Comes . . . The List

The list of shit that is happening today: My hours have been cut from the UPS Store. I heard the rumor that I will not be asked back in February to the contract fundraising job with the Providence Gay Men's Chorus (will resign before I am fired, damn it), BOTH Helen's wrists are broken, I do not have enough money in my bank account to cover the creditors automatic payments I've done so well with for the past 4 months, I melted my new glasses with nail polish remover trying to remove the rest of the color after I accidently sat a cotton ball full of nail polish remover next to them, my sister gave my hair a makeover that turned out to be a terrible reddish brown - with the new glasses (that WERE black) I looked like Velma from Scooby Doo. . . All of this is actually kind of funny when I read it. . . Maybe if I clean my room the universe will get back in order again?

Geriartric Medical Events

Today, instead of going to work I had to take my mom for her every-6-months CT Scan. If I have to insist one more time that she actually USE the oxygen while she's walking, I will cry. She has a capital M for Martyr on the front of every outfit, and I am tired of it. She makes life harder by trying to conserve her oxygen, by not having her phone with her, by giving orders instead of asking . . . and a lot of other things no where near the realm of being caring or a nice person. I believe it is not only part of her, but part of getting old too. Mistaken thinking. . . I took her to the test because Helen (my sister's mother-in-law) fell today while unhooking Bailey's leash on the icy patio. No broken bones, just sprained wrists, it seems. A series of unfortunate events happens here A LOT. Christal was going to take mom to her medical event, but stayed home to nurse Helen - since she is actually a nurse, and I am not. I feel terrible, but I am at the point of seeking the boundaries: When is enough, enough? When is old, old? When is it time to call it quits if you want to, and why isn't there an accessible, legal way to do this? When your life is totally filled with Doctor's appointments and medical events, what is the point? Just a reminder: if and when I get to that point ( No -- before! ) I will climb a small mountain and tie myself to a tree.

I apologize for continuing to express my concern for my karmic bank account but I need to move on at some point! When? Am I just waiting to save the money, or is it more about the people now?? And what is the definition of Peace anyway??