Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Now What Now What Now

So, do I need a permit to sell stuff on the streets of Wilmington? I have too many paintings hanging around, and would love to sell them off for about $25 each. I don't have enough pencils to sell, believe it or not. I can't afford a website domain or the cost of online credit card processing to sell paintings, and I doubt very much if that could be successful these days. Some kind of catchy name that says Art for $25 --- ??? I suppose I could do paypal when I finally get a domain. Money Stinks. I have spent so many years trying to make friends with it. I don't have a job, I haven't yet been approved for unemployment, job prospects are so weird. I'm not a nurse or a truck driver, so it is looking like a long, hard run. I am still so very angry at the Inn at Wilmington for terminating me for having hip surgery. I just don't understand how cruel people can be. I probably never will understand that. The good news is that my hip is recovering nicely and I am almost walking without a cane. Onward and upward.