Sunday, July 18, 2010

Here's the Buzz Part Two

I will not be adopting Buzz. Aching heart. Ouch. Can't talk about it yet. Maybe will look for a smaller dog while in RI. Home is where the heart is. But if the hearts don't agree, there is chaos times three.

May Her Guardian Angel Protect Her

Two days until we move Ariel up to RI. Bob said he's in denial. I might be, but I am so excited for her. I've been helping pack, and nagging about lists, and I even got to suck the air out of two space bags. I think it is quite different for fathers and daughters. There's something there that I can't describe, but everyone seems to know it is there. Mothers and daughters, on the other hand, are connected with this amazing golden heart string that will never disappear even if you want it to. Ariel knows that I am always there, beside her in spirit, a phone call away, a text away, a skype away and I would drive up in 5 hours if she needed me. I know she is going to have some lonely, dark hours after settling in when she begins to miss Sean and starts thinking about "home" things. However, she is committed to building her career and knows it will give her a fabulous life. She is doing it for all the other women who didn't. I'd give almost anything to be in my 20's and starting a new chapter. Well, that's a foolish thought but I can dream for a moment, can't I? We will have so many things to do to get her settled in. Curtains, a BJ's run, grocery shopping . . .  it's going to be great. I'm going to feel great being a part of it. I might even draw a picture on her wall before I leave.