Saturday, September 11, 2010

Left Hand Could Be Right

Time to get back to making some serious, fun, wacky, awesome art. Now that I am in the Teaching Artist groove again, I am anxious to jump into the personal creative process. Will hopefully have an exhibition next June or July if I make the right connection. Sweet.

Pre-K training was today. We were asked to draw a picture with our non-dominant hand. A challenge to be sure, but extremely fun. It actually opened up a "willing to be creative today" channel. Try it. Try writing your name first, and then draw a picture of anything you see in front of you. You will be creating a piece that is more honest, more expressive and quite amusing. I think I'm onto something here.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Just A Quick Look Before and After

My high school yearbook just appeared on David's FB page. Here I am -- dorky as ever anyone could be. I was a nice, quiet, smart dork though. I hid in the art room for 4 years. I made posters for the drama productions. Then I graduated. 
Life has certainly brought me some changes. Some galactically incredible and full of love, some confusing, some not so bad after all and some extremely stinky. So be it.  Onward and upward.
I had one boyfriend for a few months in 7th grade. This is not a picture of him. It was named Steven. (Since then everyone I've known named Steven also turned out to be a mess) Then he dated my sister. So much for that! There was a boy I was in love with from 2nd grade on. This is his picture. I was sexually stupid, socially stupid, and never did a thing about it, except go to his house after school sometimes. Lame. Really lame. I don't think he ever really liked me at all, but I did bring him stuff from the bakery that I worked at. Maybe it was the chocolate chip cookies that allowed him to tolerate me. Anyway, I know he has a life, and kids, and me too. He still appears in my dreams though. You know who you are . . .

A handful of people have passed away already.
he times they are a changin' . . .  Peace.