Thursday, January 25, 2007

I Need A Real Job

The time has come. I need a real job. Would someone please hire me? Click on the newspaper for some resume information!
In the meantime, I've been finding fun stuff online. Visit this site for your own fun - make a sign just like my You Need Art banner.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


The State of the Union speech made me angry. This stupid man must learn not to smirk. He could use some theatre training. The clapping - just another absurd demonstration of American ridiculousness in the "famous person" genre. It so takes away from the credibility of continuous thought.

I think that the Pres glossed over so many issues that are important to me, and other average Americans. I know I am stupid about the war in Iraq, and my heart bleeds for the military that are there, but I really really really need someone to explain to me why I should care about Iraq and democracy there. I feel very strongly that there is so much going on in this country that needs addressing. I don't understand why this money can't be spent on defending our own country from the inside. Why can't this money be spent on health care, education, more jobs. Families like ours who are sinking quickly out of the middle class. People who lost their jobs, who no longer qualify for unemployment or job training, no health insurance, no prospects for a job within their field. I am in a field that is in such critical death throes - art museums. Can I tell you how much this administration doesn't care about arts and culture? How much he doesn't care about the fabric of society being ripped apart? What is he thinking? What is going on in Washington? Do you think the Democrats understand that America is falling apart because of our attention to and funding of other countries? I think they do, and I am counting on them to rebuild this country. I apologize that I don't care about aids in Africa. I apologize that women in Iraq can't go to college. My own kids can't afford college! I apologize that I don't care about people in other countries blowing themselves up. America is falling apart. My family is falling apart. Will someone please tell me what's going to happen here in this country that is for the people right here?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Cosmic Reckoning

Had dinner with Judith and Isabelle tonight. Judith is the new Curator of Exhibitions at University of Delaware Museums, formerly at DAM. She is back and has recovered from the 2004 slash, better than ever. Her first day included a meeting at DAM and it meant cosmic reckoning and the completion of a journey for her. For the rest of us, it is a victory that she is working back in the museum field, with a better salary in a better position. For me, it could mean some future work on U of DE museums' outreach/community connection initiative.

CCAC project seems to be stalled. Too bad. I was just getting into the groove. Worst part: no hours, no paycheck.